5 Things to Do With Your Escort (Besides the Obvious)

If all of your time with an escort is spent in the bedroom, you’re missing out on great opportunities for fun and companionship. There are so many ways to enjoy their company beyond the obvious! Here are just a few ideas for crawling out of your bed cocoon and trying something new.

1. Fine Dining

It can feel a bit awkward to dine by yourself at a five-star restaurant when you’re more interested in the porterhouses than the bar. Thankfully, an escort can provide good company and conversation as you enjoy your favorite cuisine. You won’t be alone, and you can finally try those quaint little desserts for two. You might even develop a new appreciation for the ambiance of softly-lit candles when they’re glowing on the face of a beautiful woman.

2. Travel

It’s always more fun to travel with a companion as opposed to seeing all of the sights on your own. Things like romantic sunsets are meant to be enjoyed in pairs, and whether you’re swimming, sunbathing or skydiving, you’ll have better memories of the experience when someone else is rubbing lotion on your back or teasing you about the temperature of the water.

3. Shopping

If you like to spoil the people that you care about, this can be a great way to spend time with your escort. Not only will she appreciate the gifts, but you can also use it as an opportunity to put her in the clothes and jewelry that you like seeing. If you can’t get enough of your escort in high-bust dresses, this is your chance to buy her a dozen. If you’re into feet, you can pay for a pedicure that will rock your world.

4. Date Night

Spend time with your escort like you would with a girlfriend. Go to the movies; attend a concert or comedy show; take a scenic drive. Ride a Ferris wheel and snap a few selfies when you’re at the top. Arrange for a picnic lunch at the park. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll enjoy them just as much with an escort as you would with a “real” romantic partner.

5. Domestic Tasks

Maybe you don’t have time for extended shopping and sightseeing excursions. You can still roll out of bed and try something different with your escort. For example, you might cook a meal together, or you might shampoo each other’s hair during a languid bath. Affectionate domesticity can provide emotional fulfillment after you’ve satisfied your more physical needs.